Cause for Change

Cause for Change
April 18, 2011 Damario Solomon-Simmons

When Mia Fleming was a little girl, she knew she wanted to save the world.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to help people,” the former Fox23 News anchor says. “I remember my mom saying, ‘Mia, you can’t save the whole world.’ I just remember saying, ‘Well, I want to.’”

Fleming pursued a career in journalism, where reporting allowed her to tell the stories of victims who had experienced painful tragedies, such as then-48-year-old rape victim Dee Jakubowski.

“When I first covered her story, I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach nagging me,” Fleming says. “Is this the right thing for me? Am I doing enough?”

That feeling followed Fleming through her 10-year career at Fox23. The more people she met, the more she felt their pain, loss and suffering.

“I would come home to my husband crying as if I knew the victim who had been killed or hurt,” Fleming says. “I have a bleeding heart I just can’t turn off. Soon, telling the story wasn’t enough anymore.”

Inspired by Jakubowski — who used her experience to help others as a hospital advocate and advisory board member at Domestic Violence Intervention Services — Fleming set out to become a voice for the voiceless.

She used her TV know-how to create “A Million Reasons Why: Changing a Million Lives,” a segment show, still in negotiations with local and national television networks but set to launch in fall 2012, that will feature philanthropic celebrity guests or local charities and their causes.

“I wanted to tell stories that make people stop, listen, act and understand that no act of kindness is too small,” Fleming says.

The show will also feature a complementary website,, debuting March 10, where viewers can watch the stories that aired on television, make donations, blog and learn more about the featured causes.

“If we can get others to feel that same compassion … what a great world this could be,” Fleming says.


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